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Fishing kayaks
Alkaen 45,00 € / 2 h
Valitse päivämäärä nähdäksesi tarkan hinnoittelun.


Nallikari Safaris +358 20 731 0110 Y-tunnus: 2833573-4 Kauppiaan ehdot

Rent a fishing kayak at Nallikari, Oulu

Our fishing kayaks for rent can be moved either by a paddle or with pedals that are included in the kayak's equipment. The kayaks have comfortable seating and handy pole stands, making them perfect for casual fishing. The rental always includes a paddle, a full-size buoyancy aid, a safety briefing and a quick introduction to paddling techniques.

Please note that our rental office is open by appointment only!

Fishing kayak rental prices:

  • 2 hours: 45 €

  • 3 hours: 50 €

  • 4-5 hours: 55 €

  • 6-8 hours: 70 €

When you make a reservation through our system, we will be on site to hand over the equipment at the time specified in the order.

Our rental container is located at Vellamontie, Nallikari, on the shoreline of the cosy Mustasalmi channel, which is also one of the embarking spots of Oulu paddling routes. The spot can be found by turning right at the end of Vellamontie and traversing aprox. 100 meters along the bike path.

Along Mustasalmi channel, you can easily paddle either to the River Oulu Delta area or to the sea. In the Delta area, it is possible to catch, for example, zander, perch and pike. With good luck, your lure can also be bitten by a salmon or a trout. At sea you can find, for example, nice perch jig fishing spots.

During paddling you also get to experience cityscapes from a different perspective. The equipment of our rental container includes two fishing kayaks, so you can also spend a fishing day with a friend!

If you want to rent a fishing kayak for several days, don't hesitate to contact us: +358 20 731 0110 /