We organize various private safaris upon request.

These safaris are therefore carried out only for your group, in which case there are no other participants on the safaris. Most of the services have a minimum group size, which you can see directly on the respective Safari product page.

So if you are planning some outdoor activity, for example with your group of friends or your family, welcome!

If you are on the move alone, you can take part in our general safaris.

Aurora Hunting Safari in Oulu

Aurora Borealis Hunting Safari in Oulu


Big northern pike bait fishing in winter (ismete)

Ismete is a really exciting form of ice fishing and gives you the opportunity to catch your record fish from the ice.


Big northern pike fishing (open water)

Big Northern pike fishing in the Oulu region is for anglers who wish to focus specifically on catching big pike – possibly their record specimen.


City Lights Burbot Ice Fishing

The City Lights Burbot Ice Fishing Experience is a unique and enchanting adventure in the heart of Oulu. Available only for a brief period during the winter, it offers an exclusive opportunity to...


Fatbike safari in Nallikari for groups

Nallikari, the heart of seaside Oulu, offers both natural and cultural landscapes. It is accessible during all seasons and effortlessly explorable on a fatbike: the perfect vehicle for zooming...


Ice fishing on the frozen sea

On this tour the likelihood of getting to experience the strike of a fish and seeing it emerge from under the ice is very good.


Kayaking safari to River Oulu delta (for groups)

The River Oulu Delta is a versatile paddling location that offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the entire Oulu region.


Oulu Cultural Bike Tour

Enjoy the cultural sights of Oulu on a fatbike.


Sliding snowshoe safari in Nallikari

Embark on a comfortable and easy safari near the center of Oulu, in Nallikari, where we explore the ice of the frozen sea and the forested and park-like winter landscapes.


Sliding Snowshoe Swamp Safari

Experience the wintery Pilpasuo swamp area located in Oulu. Feel the time coming to a standstill while gliding on snowshoes atop the deep snow.