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Big northern pike fishing (open water)
From €500.00 / 8 h
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Big Northern pike fishing in the Oulu region is for anglers who wish to focus specifically on catching big pike – possibly their record specimen.

Big pikes has interested our guide Jarkko Auno for years. Where this majestic creature lives and eats in the Oulu region has become a subject of particular interest.

"My honest opinion is that Oulu area is a dream place for pike angler."

In the beginning, I made numerous trips completely without fishes, and during these trips, my interest in large pike only grew. I spent hundreds of hours looking for pike in the, if you count the fishing time alone. To this you can add the analysis work, when together with my fishing friends, we sat many evenings at the computer and wondered why we didn't catch fish on the previous trip. Little by little, the pieces fell into place and connections began to emerge between different factors.

There are so many factors that influence the choice of place and other aspects that there is enough studying for the rest of your life. There will always be days without a catch, but the understanding of how pike live and eat in Oulu area is getting stronger every day.

Since I updated my boat's sonar electronics, I've gotten more information about pike behavior in one season than I was able to get in 10 years without electronics. Nowadays we use sonar electronics in fishing in a very versatile way.

Jarkko can also be found on Instagram, where you can follow his fishing and other life:


This trip is best suited for fishers who wish to focus specifically on catching big pike – possibly their record specimen – and are ready to sit in a boat from morning to night chasing this majestic creature.

Oulu is a pike fisher's dream with numerous waterways inhabited by huge pikes. This was proved for example in the spring of 2023 when our fishing guide Jarkko Auno won the Rennosti series of Finland's biggest fishing competition, HK-Open, out of 1194 boats.

The goal of the pike fishing safari is nothing less than catching the biggest possible pike. The feeding times of pike are often short, which is why we stay on waters for 8 hours straight. Customers should reserve the whole day for this trip and prepare for a 45-90 min drive from the Oulu city centre. We will inform of the exact meeting place after booking.

The safari is carried out with a 4.3-metre aluminum boat, which is at its best especially in small and shallow waters. It is also perfectly suited for fishing locations which do not have a boat ramp. The boat has cast fishing decks for three customers but the fishing is smoothest and the casting space comfortable for two people fishing simultaneously. The boat has an electric trolling motor with a GPS sky anchor, a Garmin Echomap sonar and a Garmin Panoptix LiveScope sonar, with which the fishes are found with a high probability.

In midsummer, when the water warms up, pike becomes very inactive. However, we also organize pike fishing trips during midsummer. During this time, pike eats best at night, so the trip begins either early in the morning or late in the evening.

We handle the fishes as carefully as possible and release all large specimen after weighing, measuring and photographing. Great pikes are most valuable in their own habitat. If you wish to cook and taste fresh fried pike on your own, smaller specimen can be selected for food.

  • Driving distance from the Oulu city cenre: 45-90 minutes

  • Fishing techniques: Modern casting fishing

  • Typical catch: Pike of 80-110 cm with the possibility of specimen well over 10 kg and 120 cm

  • Catch probability: For a pike of 90-110 cm good and for the largest specimen moderate.

  • What is done with the catch: Pikes of over 90 cm are always released. Smaller specimen can be selected for food.

  • Type of fishing area: Lush and shallow water

  • Cancellations due to weather: The area is quite sheltered, so the trip can be executed in almost any weather.

  • Season: From the beginning of June to the middle of November. The fishing is at its best in early summer and late autumn when the water is cooler.

  • Reservations: One week in advance at the latest

  • Meeting: At a maximum distance of 150 km from Oulu. After placing the order, we will notify you by email of the exact meeting place no later than 7 days before the start of the service.

  • Start time: During spring and autumn in the morning. During midsummer early in the morning or late in the evening.

  • Duration: 8 hours on waters

  • For who: Participants of over 15 years of age and with some fishing experience

  • Language: Finnish and English

  • Group size: 1 - 3 people (we can arrange another boat with a guide if you contact us well in advance, in which case we can take a group of 1-3 people on the other boat)

Prices (incl. VAT 10 %):

500€ / group of 1-2 people

600€ / group of 3 people

The price includes:

  • Guide’s services

  • Fishing licences

  • Liability insurance

  • Taxes

  • Life jacket

  • All fishing equipment and lures

  • Oskwig Esox 4.3 m aluminum boat

  • Motorguide trolling motor with GPS sky anchor

  • Garmin Echomap sonar

  • Garmin Panoptix Livecope sonar

  • Two 10" sonar displays

The price does not include:

  • Transportation to the departure point and back

  • Accident insurance

  • Clothing