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Rent a kayak with equipment from Nallikari in Oulu and enjoy the city's most beautiful sceneries on your own.

Our rental shop is located arguably at the best spot in Oulu, on the landing site of the Oulu River Delta paddling route, right in the heart of seaside Oulu, in front of Nallikari beach, on the ground floor of the Aalto hotel building (Nallikarinranta 10).

Additionally, we have a container rental shop on the shore of Mustasalmi (Vellamontie), from where we can hand over the kayaks, for example, on windy days. In this case, you can start your paddling directly from the sheltered Mustasalmi channel, from where you can quickly reach the Oulu River Delta.

For those renting kayaks, Nallikari offers magnificent surroundings, as right from our rental shop you can head either to the sea or to the Oulu River Delta, for which you can choose your route through the naturally beautiful Mustasalmi channel or, for example, Toppilansalmi that offers a cultural landscape. Set off on a self-guided paddling trip alone or perhaps with family or friends.

During the summer season, from June 1 to August 31, our rental is open every day from 10:00 to 20:00 (weather permitting). To ensure the availability of equipment at your desired time, we recommend making a reservation in advance through our booking system. Just check the calendar for available times and make a reservation!

The kayaks we rent are primarily basic kayaks suitable for beginners, which are easy, stable, and straightforward to paddle.