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Available from May 15 to September 30.

Rent a kayak with equipment in Oulu's Nallikari and experience the most beautiful sceneries of Oulu on an independent kayaking trip with for example family or friends.

Our rental container is located in Vellamontie, Nallikari, on the shoreline of beautiful Mustasalmi channel, where one of the landing spots for the River Oulu Delta's kayaking route is located. You can get there when you walk about 100 meters along the bike path to the right from the end of Vellamontie. Along the Mustasalmi channel, you can easily paddle either to the River Oulu Delta or to the Oulu sea-area.

Please note that our rental office is only open by appointment!

When you make a reservation through our website, we will deliver the kayak at the time you ordered. Oulu is a wonderful kayaking destination that offers nature experiences surprisingly close to the city center and urban landscapes from a nice different perspective.

Our rental kayaks are Rainbow Oasis kayaks especially suitable for beginners. They are easy, sturdy and stable to paddle. Kayaks are best suited for day camping, but they can also be used for overnight camping.

The kayaks have front and rear luggage hatches, 4-point footrests and a deck net.

Paddler size S-XL.

The kayak rental always also includes a paddle, a hole cover and a general-size life jacket.

After paddling, we also pick them up.