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Finnaction Oy, founded in 2017, is a tourism and activity service company operating in the Oulu, Finland.

It was born from hobbies and passions refined into professional skills. Above all, the company's operations are based on the desire to create a positive experience and get people moving. We take great pride in our local Oulu skills and the stunning nature of Northern Finland, and we welcome everyone to experience them firsthand.

Our main services include guided fishing trips in both summer and winter, kayaking, fatbike and snowshoeing safaris, as well as other nature experiences and sports services. We also offer equipment rentals for self-guided tours and organize company well-being and recreational events.

Our diverse professional background includes training in various fields such as exercise, communication, business, motoring, and woodworking. A licensed and certified Personal Trainer at the European level is responsible for our exercise and coaching services.

Challenging weather conditions and swift currents are handled with ease, thanks to our experience in the Finnish Defense Forces and our participation in competitive level whitewater kayaking, not to mention decades of dedication to these activities.

Our fishing guide boasts over 20 years of fishing experience and holds the charter boat driver's qualification required by finnish law. Additionally, we have a wide network of friends and partners who assist us in organizing a wide range of activities tailored to your preferences.

Whether you're seeking individual activities, a day of relaxation, or workplace wellness solutions for your entire company, we operate in line with our motto: serious, yet not too serious. This ensures that your desires will be fulfilled with a professional touch and a hint of humor.

Our staff:

Jarkko Auno

CEO, entrepreneur, guide (fishing, kayaking, fatbiking, snowshoeing)


Jarkko ja hauki

I have been a passionate sports angler for over 20 years and today my lifestyle is big northern pike fishing. Indeed, I spend most of my free time chasing this majestic creature. In addition, I have more than 15 years of experience as a paddling instructor and have taken my clients to the rapids and to the sea.

The experience of working in a family business from an early age has provided a strong foundation for entrepreneurship, and the completion of a professional degree in entrepreneurship and training in the management of a growing company together with an interest in customer service skills, product development, event planning and the preparation of various reports and calculations have provided the basis for a successful business.

I love Oulu and I never want to move away from here. I founded our company to offer our customers the same opportunity to experience Oulu's nature that I myself have had. I'm doing this for you!

You can follow my fishing adventures and life on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jarkkoauno


  • Kayaking instructor

  • Operator of Charter Boats

  • Entrepreneur's degree

  • Managing a growth company

Jarno Väistö

Marketing manager, entrepreneur, sports and coaching


Jarno Väistö

Koulutus ja kokemus

  • Education and experience Media expert (AMK)

  • More than 10 years of experience in international communication and marketing tasks

  • Trained and licensed Personal Trainer (Trainer4You, EHFA)

  • Guerrilla training and 20 years of experience in fishing and wilderness conditions

Iida Heikkala

Activity guide

Aksu Mikkola

Nature guide, paddling instructor

Ville Hännikäinen


Pasi Pieniniemi

Nature guide

Lauri Härmä

Nature guide