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Nallikari Safaris is a sustainable tourism company

We are currently applying for the Green Activities sustainability certificate and the Sustainable Travel Finland label.


All activities of Nallikari Safaris, and thus our work on sustainability, are based on a great appreciation of nature and the environment, as well as a strong respect for people and communities. We wish to offer our customers unforgettable nature-based experiences responsibly and in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Our goal is to act as an example of responsible business and to continuously develop our operations also from this perspective. We are particularly proud of the beautiful and pristine nature of Northern Finland and want to contribute to its preservation.

Environmental Commitments

Nature conservation

As our business revolves around the appreciation of nature and the environment, it is natural for us to strive to minimize harmful impacts on nature in all our activities. Our services are always implemented with the idea of promoting knowledge and appreciation of nature while consuming it as little as possible – if at all. In the current state of nature, we are most concerned about the eutrophication and damming of running waters, and we bring up the issue whenever possible in connection with our services. We feel that by acting responsibly towards our environment and local nature, we are also participating in global environmental and nature conservation.

Energy, water, and raw materials

We use energy, water, and raw materials only for real needs. We do not leave water running or devices or lights on unnecessarily.

Chemicals, compounds, and emissions

We strive to use chemicals and compounds in our operations only to the necessary extent (e.g., to ensure the operational condition of our equipment). When using chemicals and compounds, we try to choose the most environmentally friendly options available. For our vehicle needs, we prefer to use hybrid and bioethanol vehicles. We do not leave vehicles idling unnecessarily.

Circular economy

We aim to further minimize the already low amount of waste generated in our operations and to improve its sorting for recycling. We utilize renewable energy through solar panels. We sell our decommissioned equipment to consumers.

Carbon footprint

We are committed to reducing our company's carbon footprint through all the above-mentioned methods.

Social Responsibility Commitments


We follow labor legislation strictly but additionally wish to enjoy the reputation of a good employer. Our long-term goal is to be the best employer in our industry in our region.


We do not practice any discrimination in hiring staff, but instead consider all individuals with the required education and experience regardless of age, race, gender, disability, socio-economic status, or other characteristic.

Occupational safety

All our employees are insured against accidents, and we ensure that the safety aspects of our premises and workplaces are in order.

Orientation and training

Our employees are thoroughly oriented to their tasks and the company's processes, and they also receive detailed written instructions on these matters. Thus, our employees also receive orientation on our company's sustainability principles. We encourage and support our employees' further education both concerning their tasks and sustainability principles.

Rights and treatment

We guarantee equal treatment for all our employees and do not tolerate any form of discrimination or bullying. On the contrary, we actively strive to maintain an informal and positive working atmosphere where employees are encouraged to express themselves and to bring up both potential issues and development ideas without hesitation. Our employees have the opportunity to be heard practically at any time, and we also conduct skills and development discussions.

Management and business

We do not engage in any corruption or other illegal activities in our operations, nor do we continue cooperation with or make purchases from service providers or suppliers who are proven to be involved in such activities. We are proud to pay taxes to our home country and municipality.

Cooperation and procurement

We primarily collaborate with other local operators to support the economy and vitality of our region. For the same reason, we prefer to use local suppliers whenever possible in our procurement. We make purchases only for real needs and strive to carry out procurement with minimized environmental impact.

Risk and crisis management

Our board work includes the preparation of risk analyses and action plans for crisis situations.

Sustainable tourism

We are committed to the Nallikari Seaside Oy-led tourism collective, which is centered in and around the Aalto building, due to be completed in Oulu's Nallikari in the turn of 2023-24. An integral part of the collective's activities includes taking sustainability principles into account and developing operations accordingly. In addition, we work closely with organizations developing tourism in Oulu, such as Visit Oulu and BusinessOulu. We always serve our international customers at least in English to ensure memorable quality experiences, but also to support a broader understanding and appreciation of both Finnish and global environmental and nature diversity. We also encourage our customers to arrive in our region by public transport and to travel in an environmentally friendly manner.

Broader social responsibility

If we notice any commercial, sexual, or other exploitation or harassment targeting children, teenagers, women, minorities, or any other people groups, we will report it to the authorities. We are committed to the equal treatment of all people. We also offer our services to special groups and consider the possibility of employing partially able workers.

Monitoring and updating

The sustainability plan is monitored and updated regularly, at least every three years, to ensure its currency and effectiveness.

Cooperation and Communication

The plan is developed together with the staff and is available to all employees. In addition, we collaborate with the Nallikari Seaside Oy-led tourism collective to promote sustainable tourism.