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Nallikari Kayaking Safari
Rainbow Oasis -Basic kayak (1)
Rainbow Oasis -Basic kayak (10)
Rainbow Oasis -Basic kayak (2)
Rainbow Oasis -Basic kayak (3)
Rainbow Oasis -Basic kayak (4)
Rainbow Oasis -Basic kayak (5)
Rainbow Oasis -Basic kayak (6)
Rainbow Oasis -Basic kayak (7)
Rainbow Oasis -Basic kayak (8)
Rainbow Oasis -Basic kayak (9)
Rainbow Oasis Max Expedition -Basic kayak
Dagger Stratos 14.5 L -Sea Kayak
North Shore Aspect RM LV -Sea Kayak
€49.00 / 3 h


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In Oulu, we are fortunate because our sea-area and the Oulu River Delta offer stunning and sheltered routes for kayaking. This safari offers you the chance to experience Oulu from a completely different perspective.

The Kayaking Safari from Nallikari to the Oulu River Delta is designed just for you. You don't need any previous experience in kayaking, but the safari will surely provide a pleasant experience for more experienced kayakers as well.

Our adventure begins at our Nallikari Experience Center, which is located right in front of the Nallikari seaside, in the basement of the Nallikari Aalto hotel building, at Nallikarinranta 10. The safari is conducted safely under the guidance of our knowledgeable and experienced guides. Before hitting the water, you will be trained in the basics of kayaking, and we will go through all the necessary safety matters so you can enjoy your trip worry-free. The kayaks we use are particularly easy for beginners. They are stable and easy to steer.

The route offers both natural beauty and cultural landscapes, as the safari takes you from Nallikari through the scenic Mustasalmi channel to the beautiful and diverse landscapes of the River Oulu Delta. We will navigate around numerous islands in the delta, and we might also visit Oulu Market Square. Nallikari serves as one of the official landing spots of the River Oulu Delta kayaking route, from which three different water channels lead to the Oulu River Delta. For faster groups, the return route to Nallikari may be different than the way we went to the Oulu River Delta.

What do we do if the wind surprises us in Nallikari?

No worries! We have a backup plan: We will start the kayaking safari just a few minutes' walk away directly from the shore of Mustasalmi, where one of our rental containers is located. This allows us to start kayaking directly from sheltered waters (we will notify you separately if we change the starting location).

This public safari has no minimum number of participants, so you can join the adventure alone, with your family, or with friends. Just choose a free day from our calendar, and your adventure is ready to begin!

  • Price: 49 € per person

  • The price includes: Kayaking instruction, kayaks, vests, paddles, spray decks, changing facilities, and storage for personal belongings at our Nallikari Experience Center, as well as toilet facilities.

  • When: June 1st - August 31st.

  • Starting location: Nallikari Safaris Experience Center (Nallikarinranta 10, 90510, Oulu - in the basement of the Aalto hotel building) (detailed instructions for the starting location will be sent to your email after booking)

  • Duration: 3 hours

  • Who it's for: Suitable for individuals over 12 years old with basic fitness (participants under 16 must be accompanied by a parent).

  • Language: Finnish and English